Florence Retreat

Painting Instructors

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Jack Montmeat

Jack is co-teaching retreat sessions 1 and 2 with Elisabeth. His concentration will be in portrait work from a model in the afternoons. Jack is passionate about the time tested traditional techniques. He will guide students to a better understanding of the structure and anatomy of the face, the importance of value change and cool and warm light and shadows all coming together to create a convincing work.  

Students at all levels are welcomed to attend. work will include drawing and painting.


SESSION 2 OCT. 14-21

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Larry Moore

Larry is teaching retreat session 3. He will be taking students En plein air to paint from the landscape in the mornings. Afternoons will be spent in studio, using techniques Larry has developed over the years to help students gain deeper understanding of key fundamentals of painting. Further still, Larry's methods will help take their work to a whole new level with expanded creativity. 

Larry's teaching will be an asset to painters of any level.

SESSION 3 OCT. 23-30


Elisabeth McGinn

Elisabeth is co- teaching retreat sessions 1 and 2 with Jack. She will be helping students capture images of the beautiful morning lit Tuscan landscape. Elisabeth loves to include figures in her work, so will be helping students add that dynamic and interesting layer to their plein air scenes.


SESSION 2 OCT. 14-21